Media … Anything!


Some Nice Words!

"Be it ANY language, ‘The Kreative Company’ (tKc) has always served our multiple language audio (specially radio ads) needs. In fact their location in the business hub at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai makes it very easy for us to connect. Add to that Ali’s experience, competitive pricing and quick turnaround makes them a great professional partner. All the best!"

- Ajay Goplani (General Manager - BizXchange Dubai)



“When ARG assigns an audio production to ‘The Kreative Company’, it knows very well that justice would be done; and there always will be more sound-shades than originally imagined.”

Zafar N. Ali (Ex Group Marketing Manager - Al Rashid Group, Kingdom of Bahrain)


"Ali is incredibly knowledgeable about Media and Radio Industry, having worked in a variety of roles in the medium over last 15 years. Over the past 2 years Ali sir (as he is fondly known to the students) has been rated by EMDI students as one of our most informative lecturers. Using his bank of knowledge and in depth research; his presentations are always highly engaging and educational. The passion and commitment he shows is commendable. All in all – a great person with a friendly and open personality."
Nowshir Engineer (Founder / Exec. Dir. - EMDI Institute of Media & Communication: A venture of Greycells Education Ltd (Dubai)


“THE KREATIVE COMPANY is a strong believer in the advertising industry's often used slogan of 'everything was needed yesterday'.... and that suits us fine. :) Meeting tight deadlines without any compromise is the tKc-key.”
Rupa Vinod (M.D. - Right Track Advertising Dubai)



“The creative output & quality of work ‘The Kreative Company’ delivers is excellent. We would enthusiastically recommend that our business allies engage tKc services.”
E.S.Bharucha (G. M.-Oasis Enterprises L.L.C. / JVC Dubai)



“What radio lacks is ‘true professionals or experts’ who know the subtle nuances of the medium and can bring an ordinary script to life, can create magic through just a brief and make the listener enjoy a commercial. Ali (‘Alz’) is one of this rare breed of individuals who comprehends the need of this medium and bring out the right flavor, be it through, use of voice modulation, use of the right music and creating the ‘difference’. After all a script has only one chance of either being ‘memorable’ or ‘thrash’. Alz, makes the radio medium come alive. Literally! The medium needs people like him.”

Kandarp Baxi (Ex Account Director - Team Y&R Dubai)  
“It has been a pleasure knowing Ali since his HUM FM days. He has this great passion for creating captivating audio.”
Priti Rege (Director - Liwa Advertising LLC Dubai)



tKc: Radio Spot: English: 30 Seconds:

SFX: Pregnant pauses. Studied silences. 


Agency: tKc, I need a radio spot to be recorded.

tKc: Wanted yesterday?

Agency: Yes.

tKc: Tight budget?

Agency: Yes.

tKc: Needs a 'hatke' voice? ('hatke' is a Hindi colloquial / street slang, meaning 'really different' ''unique' 'amazing' 'out of this world' 'the best of the best' 'like never before' blah blah blah )

Agency: Yes.

tKc: Has to have a memorable tune?

Agency: Yes.

tKc: Mailed the script?

Agency: Yes.

tKc: This conversation sounds very very familiar, na?

Agency: Yes.

tKc: Done. Thanks.

Agency: Done. Thanks.

Cut to a Voice of God: Audio...Anything...has to be TKC! 

---- A sincere tribute to the passion, the commitment and the sincerity from the entire IKON Advertising & Marketing Dubai Team ---